Q. How many Driving Lessons will I need?

A. It depends mostly on 3 things: How much experience you already have, how quickly you learn and how much practice you get (if any) between lessons. Parents often come to me because not only do they not know what to teach the kids for the Road Test, but because itís SAFER! There was a teenager in Orange County who recently over-corrected a mistake while driving with his father. The car they were driving crashed and the son was seriously injured and the father was killed. Would you know how to handle a sudden dangerous situation with a new driver? I do!


Q. How do I know when Iím ready for the Road Test?

A. You are ready for the Road Test when you arenít making any more major mistakes (and very few minor ones), you feel confident in your ability (and so do your passengers!) and you have a thorough understanding of the basic principles of safety (knowledge of the rules of the road, good vehicle control and observation, a mature attitude, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What will the examiner expect of me on my Road Test?

A. Youíll be expected to do many of the basic things that are functional and essential in driving. Many people fail the test because they just simply were not properly prepared. Donít rely on poor advice or improper instruction!


Q. What are your qualifications and experience as an Instructor?

A. I am a Driving School Owner, licensed by the NY State Department of Motor Vehicles, who has held an Instructorís Certification for well over 30 years. In that time Iíve taught students from 16 to 80+ years of age, from every single high school in Rockland (including many from New Jersey and Orange County) and from many different countries around the world. I have trained new instructors on how to teach and was a former Accident Prevention Program Instructor with the National Traffic Safety Institute as well as a Certified Prelicensing Class Administrator. Over the years Iíve taught thousands, including sons and daughters of many local police officers and business owners, school administrators and teachers, and some very prominent and well respected people in the community who have put their trust in me. Chances are pretty good that someone who lives/lived near you has been one of my students. I do not actively advertise - almost all of my business is through strong recommendations from satisfied customers.


Q. What is your safety record?

A. I have NEVER had a student cause an accident or crash a vehicle. Not even once!† In 30+ years of teaching I do not know of, nor have even heard of anyone with a better safety record than this. It is the accomplishment I am most proud of! (And for the record, my own personal driving record is exactly the same.) As the saying goes, safe driving is no accident!


Q. How do I make an appointment for a lesson or package?

A. Appointments are booked right over the phone. If you call and Iím not in my office, please leave a message (I may be on the road teaching!) and Iíll be sure to return your call promptly .


Q. How long will it take to get a Road Test Appointment?

A. Depending on the time of year and test location, it typically takes about a few weeks (sometimes even more or less!) to get an appointment. Ask me how to get you the quickest appointment date possible, if you are in a rush.††